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Hope Air is grateful for the generosity of the many Canadians who support our Mission of Getting Canadians To Getting Better with both financial contributions and in-kind gifts.

Hope Air is proud to have the following "Friends of Hope Air"; these donors contributed $100 or more to Hope Air in the calendar year:

First Officer's Circle
RBC Rewards Cardholders *
Wengler, Gerd +
Flight Crew
Clark, Paul +
Keller-Hobson, Douglas *
Roberts, Gordon *
Control Tower
Anonymous   Macpherson, Scott
Burton, Jim   Messier, Jean
Domb, Daniel   Neil and Susan Martin
Hill, Donna & Bruce +   Plank, Peter
Hogan, Michael   Robertson, Douglas
Ilg, Henry   Sadler, Chris
Johnston, Laurie & Lindsay   Schwar, Mike
Kisin, Robert   Seo, Kevin
Knight, Andrew *   Steeves, David
Lambert, Guy   Wellon, Keith
Lapierre, Gilles *  
Ground Crew
Abbott, Andrew & Carolyne   McAllister, William
Anonymous   McCague, James
Archibald, Malcolm   McLean, Richard
Barone, Sam   McRobie, Blair
Danahy, James *   Messenger, Braden
Feenstra, Cornell   Meyer, John
Forman, Michael   Milsom, John
Gamble, Michael   Minkhorst, Keith & Sheila
Garner, Dave & Patricia   Mohacsi, George *
Gavan, Karen *   Murphy, Brian
Golbey, Dr. Michael   Pilon, Robert
Gouk, Jim   Reeves, Bob +
Hepburn, George   Roy, Sylvio
Horner, Gordon *   Sabiston, Andrew & Timonty Williams
Hunt, Anthony   Sproul, Phil
Hunter, Robert   Turner, Grant
Kay, Alan   Vena, Claudio
Ketelaars, Jeffrey   Villalobos, Humberto
Laine, Michael   Waddington, John
Lecluse, Jocelyn   White, David
MacInnis, Janet +   Worthington, Cara
Marek, Cheryl   Zimmerman, Alec
Marion, Robert & Margaret  
Barrett, Glenn   Loreth, Michael
Boyer, James   MacDougall, Cynthia
Brown, David   Meharry, Isabel
Danahy, Lorine   Powell, James
du Bois, Anna   Shaw, John
Jennings, Peter & Louise   Walker, Robert
Klassen, Joseph & Theresa   Woon, John
Klein, Leslie  
We respect our donors’ privacy: names will only be posted with approval. If you have donated to Hope Air and would like to provide approval for us to post your name, please email us here
(We apologize for any errors or omissions. To ask for a correction, please click here )
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